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Succession of a business and Technology transfer


We have recently upgraded our “Densho” Series as well as released the newest version of “Knowledge Densho” and “Process Densho” this past February.   One of the challenges we need to overcome concerning the Knowledge Densho is as our experts age and prepare for retirement it becomes increasingly more difficult to pass on their years of experience and educate the younger generations by way of traditional methods.     In the past, technical succession was passed down personally to the younger workers orally from the senior professionals.   Moreover, presidents and professionals in upper level management positions will be concerned about their company’s future existence and ability to succeed in this technical business world we live in.    Furthermore, senior employees may find it very difficult to adapt to using 3D and IT tools due to the fact of they may lack experience with computer training compared to today’s technical generation.   Therefore, upper level management of small and medium enterprises might find it frustrating when seasoned senior staff members may neglect to consult, discuss, or cooperate with others before completing design projects.    We understand their many years of experience have given them confidence and their input is valuable but today’s fast paced growing technical advances require an equally fast paced ability to adapt and change with technical advancement.   Although major firms have many qualified technical professionals, they are also having difficulties with training due to the fact that their most experienced long time workers may lack proper computer skills.   This combined with rupture of technology is discouraging business growth and sustainable business inheritance of companies by hindering their ability to continually adapt and grow.    Therefore, KMC has released "Knowledge Densho" system in our effort to solve these important issues.   This new system transforms tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge in a systematized format, which is simple to follow and can easily be applied to your business needs.   “Process Densyo” is a system that can execute the manufacturing and testing of mold designs while also managing the 2D and 3D data, supplementary information, and technical report on the database.   In addition, this system will allow you the ability to inter-process chain and share updated information.   CEO Seki Sato      

Happy New Year 2014.01.07


Happy New Year 2014.01.07   Let me express the greetings of the season. This year has begun in nice weather. I wish you a year filled with good health and happiness. Our New Year’s resolution is to move into high gear with each “densho” tool and research development achievements we developed last year. We will help your structure reform, monetization, update with our best of intentions. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Sincerely yours.   CEO, Seki Sato

The latest release -densho series- mold electric progress note


Introduction of mold electric progress note   1,The background of mold electric progress note In the industry of automotive, precision equipment and home appliance the parts manufacturers have a big challenge, “How to decrease the number of defects in the production process of molds and parts?” Defects which are based on already-known matters cost 3 to 10% of manufacturing expense in general. However, it doesn’t include costs such as re-design and re-manufacturing in the company, adjustment work when it is outsourced and mold is taken in, opportunity loss when the facility doesn’t work. If all of them is included, the cost must be 10 to 30% of manufacturing expense. Investigating the cause of defects, and taking the measurement of it are not enough although revisions have been conducted in each case. The primary cause is that the essential feature of defect is not captured correctly. An electric medical chart made it possible to let us know when and what kind of prescription patients had been received. We applied it to manufacturing field. The records of mold design, test production, launch of parts production, maintenance of molds, jigs and facilities in the making are necessary. Statistical analysis of defects and improvement of them are also necessary. However, registering such defects using a computer is not familiar in a manufacturing scene. The workers are busy about their daily business. So, it is hard to convey such event reports correctly, and the registration is apt to be postponed. As a result, they cannot get desired information whenever they need it. If there is a system that we can register such events easily and correctly, it is possible to manage the plan-do-check-act cycle. Moreover, if the maintenance of molds, jigs and facilities is under control, it is possible to predict some emergencies such as defect occurring or production stop. KMC is a professional company whose business is technology consultant to auto manufacturers, parts makers, molds makers about engineering related to molds and parts production. Based on the needs from these clients, we developed “Mold electric progress note” which can register molds and parts production and records of maintenance easily. In addition, it can analyze such information and predict some emergencies. We have launched it on December.   2,Overview of electric mold progress note The way to keep an accurate record easily in a parts mold production site is to use sounds and images with our smart phone or tablet. To recognize molds or jigs, QR code or RFID are useful. They make it possible to know the individual identification and history at once in a manufacturing setting, and to manage the location of molds. The information of defects and maintenance are transferred to cloud server, managed in an integrated fashion. In each department, workers can obtain the data as occasion demands, and analyze it for any purpose. Then design, production or mold department can analyze it statistically, improve it, and amend standard formats in collaboration with manufacturing department. Moreover, coordination with production department enables them to manage the lifetime of mold in collaboration with controllers of molding machine, processing machine.   3,Sales plan The price of this basic system is 6.5 million yen, and individual modules such as recognition devices and statistical analysis system are necessary for any purpose. In preparation for introduction, our engineering consultants will handle defect analysis and customization, and pursue 50% loss cut. The sales of current year have already reached 20 million yen. We aim at increasing it 500 million yen next year. KMC will support you for high manufacturing cost with defect management and knowledge densho series.

Manufacturing Competitiveness of Japan


I feel that Japanese manufacturing competitiveness is located at a watershed through the act of recent technology consulting. For example, enterprises which expanded their business to China have held it about 20 years. At first, they grew up with low-labor-cost, world-class technology and manufacturing control system, and produced a large amount of money. In terms of small and medium-sized enterprise, the founder president leaded from the front, and sent son, family or reliable follower abroad. They culturally fit into the region and operate the regional office. Not only to China but also South East Asia and India, they expanded their business on demand from mother companies. However, now these companies which come to the crossroad have showed up. There are three reasons for this. First, expenses such as labor cost, fuel cost and material cost have risen. Second, sales and technical support from Japan have weakened. Finally, it became difficult to manage local production factories because they are too large and the leadership ability and the management strategy are badly off. In particular, the aging of founder president is problem. Manufacturers of product and major parts sales companies have got heated to take in the demand of developing countries, so that they promotes regional development and local production with small to medium enterprises. To avoid quantity output risk, it is inevitable to produce product concurrently with subcontracting companies. Recently just going abroad is not enough to earn profit because regional companies have been already brought up. The decline in profit brings them to improve productivity or decrease defective units. So it is necessary to promote automation and IT. However, a lot of small-to-medium enterprises advance overseas using the conventional method same as 20 years ago. It means they depends on a cheap labor cost and don’t introduce technical innovation. That’s why I think now is the transition stage to change their management thought. On the other hand, production decline has progressed in Japan and there is no room for improvement and innovation. As a result Japanese factory cannot assume the role of “Mother Center of World Technology”. Of course not only small and medium-sized enterprises but also big companies have agendas of the mother center: functional maintenance, state-of-the-art technology, human resource development, controlling worldwide factories. For examples, there is a company which has a domestic factory and 30 people, three factories in South East Asia and each one has 250 people. One of them might try to promote individual improvement and create new technology. The domestic one might be forced to suspend the operation because of the old facility. I suppose that such a company whose techniques are not systematized and factories are not unified increases. But defects in each factory have variation, so there is room for improvement. Or if similar molding machines are introduced, the cycle time of each production is different. This diminishes the efficiency and leads to less profit. The cost is about 30% of production output. The mother company demands to bring the unit price of product down every year. So it is necessary to decrease the loss cost such as defect, cycle time, setup and poor mold. Expanding the business to developing countries and increasing sales there are not enough to prevent the crisis to run a deficit. Therefore now we have to rebuild “Japanese Technology Mother Center” that can coach core skills carefully and give an instruction of the know-how. There is no doubt that this is the key point whether Japanese manufacturing will be restored and develop as a global leader for good or not. KMC is dealing with this big agenda bravely. Next time, we will introduce our products: “Densho Mold Electric Chart”, “Densho Wizard” and “Process Information Management System”. They are useful to reform the mold and part production. CEO Seki Sato

Emeritus professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Shiki Okamoto became our adviser


Shiki Okamoto, emeritus professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology, college trustee at Wayo Women's University came in KMC and became our consultant. He published a lot of books and papers, and in this March "私学の再生経営 (Management to reorganize private university)" has been issued by 成文堂(Seibundoh). Although it is unfavorable business conditions for private university recently, he accomplished to reconstruct the university with his creativity and leadership at the age of his college trustee at Shibaura Institute of Technology. The book is so interesting that I strongly recommend you to read it. In deed, Japanese manufacturing also has a same question with private universities. Where should we, Japanese manufacturing companies, search our new opportunities in the situation of population decrease? Especially small and medium-sized enterprises are lack of strength, so it is hellish choice to stay in Japan or go abroad. Their situation is different from big companies. We have Prof. Okamoto on our team, and try to find the solution. We will create a new business and propose it. His major is fluid mechanics. His profession is also effective in the area of research and development of KMC. Please build up your expectation to new KMC. CEO Seki Sato

Competitiveness of Japan 2013.06.01 In 2011


Competitiveness of Japan 2013.06.01 In 2011, President Obama asked Steve Jobs "What's going on if iPhone is manufactured in the United States?" "Such kind of job was disappeared from the United States, and it will never back again." he answered. This year, Obama will establish 15 educational facilities all over the U.S. to obtain state-of-art technology including 3D printer. 3D printers will be also installed in schools and digital innovation will be promoted. Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, said "Production in the United States becomes profitable." and will put in 800 million dollar to resume the operation. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, declared to start production in the US again. Now the United States has taken the helm to restore manufacturing. They will produce jobs by restoring manufacturing. It is necessary to promote 3D and digital innovation for getting back on top of manufacturing in one swoop. Moreover if IT technology would be combined with it, the United States would gain the world. Then how do we survive? How Japan leads the world as “technology-oriented nation”? There are three kinds of production in manufacturing: the one can be produced automatically, the man-made one and the one between these two types. It is same as automobiles: gasoline-powered, Electric Vehicle and Hybrid. The strength of Japanese manufacturing is in the long succession of technology and it is less susceptible to trend. It is said that Japanese product development is like “Galapagos”, but when it comes to produce technic, Japan is a teacher. Although it cannot be denied that the know-how is leaking by overseas expansion and passing on knowledge and skills is not easy, we still have the essential part of strength. We must build upon the skills. We must maintain the cycle of succession and evolution of technology. Besides, we need to introduce IT technology into field sites in a positive manner and lead “the world IT production revolution”. “Japanese manufacturing that leads the world technically” KMC proposes to restore domestic production including mold, machine tool and factory line. We will create manufacturing service industry in the world and make it upgrading. Our dream is to lead the manufacturing all over the world. We are in the middle of manufacturing war. Hang on Japanese manufacturing!

Maxims in KMC


  Maxims in KMC May. 14, 2013   I talked to students in Yokohama National University in their class named “Innovation and founding a company”. Add to this, I got a chance to hold a lecture meeting from our customer. Then I introduced our maxims.   The subject of a lecture “dream & creation” for students, 1, A goal is what you cannot reach even if you deal with all day long, everyday. 2, Target is No.1 in the world, at least No.1 in Japan. 3, Considering is free. Think about it during sleeping. 4, Convert your price to money.   The subject of a lecture “next-generation manufacturing that Japan should aim at” for workers, 1, Break down the current situation (stereotype, yourself, job, work, common sense). 2, Not test hypothesis, but analyze the factor (defects, waste, know-how, rule of thumb, hunch). 3, Imagine the logic and story (way to get a solution, way to make a system, realize of dream). 4, Uncover a gold mine, a vein of gold (cross-sectional defect, back after shipping, duplicated work, waste work). 5, Final achievement of work is thesis or patent (improvement proposal, invention, marshaling ideas, tradition).  6. Where is your rank in the world? (ability, measuring evaluation, global competition, hostage) 7, Think about business as matrix (not one-shot product, not one-shot technology, combined technic) 3rd year in business Mar. 11, 2013   KMC makes our third anniversary on 24 February. I want to thank all of you on behalf of all staff. Two workers have been newly added thanks for recruitment. Again, my gratitude to you. In commemoration of start-up and new employees, we organized bowling tournament and drinking session and swore to make a leap forward and improve services to our customers. We have a plan to increase the opportunities to propose new strategies of technology innovation and original products that we have cultivated for 3 years. Last month, I spoke in front of workers in automobile companies. The topic was “Producing technic innovation, Smart engineering”. I introduced the analytical method of element technology, smart manufacturing, front loading method, innovative software that can drastically grows productivity and so on. Please let us know if you need our technology. It has passed 2 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are thinking of the victims and praying for them in this time of loss. We, the workers in KMC and their families, have a mind to contribute to the world and people as hard as possible. I’d like to also thank you all for your continuing support.

KMC CEO Sato Seki

    Recruitment of Engineer and Consultant Jan. 21, 2013   KMC is looking for engineers and consultants who have strong desire to research manufacturing. Now Japanese manufacturing companies are struggling against catch-up of developing countries. KMC suggests “Densho smart engineering”. Specifically, our services are “research and development”, “Consulting” and “software development” for major manufacturing companies. It is necessary to integrate design and producing mold technic to revive strong Japanese manufacturing. Bringing business and know-how beyond the sea without careful consideration is wrong no matter how cheap it is. You have to think about global manufacturing in a strategic way and construct “ideal way of Japanese manufacturing” that leads the world. Why don’t you explore the way of manufacturing for the next generation? ①     a 3D CAD/CAM/CAE engineer ②     an engineer who aspires to be manufacturing consultant ③     a software development engineer, a system consultant ④     a software engineer who can control robots or processing machines Let’s change Japan! Come, smart engineers!

KMC CEO Sato Seki

  Website of KMC was renewed Dec. 27, 2012   This is Sato, the CEO of KMC. We updated our homepage design. It had passed 2 and half years since our company was incorporated. During this time, we have developed some new technics and original software. We’d like to introduce them to everyone via this website. The first draft of this homepage has been made mainly by Mr. Kaneko, the master course’s student of Yokohama National University who had come to our company as an internship student. We offered Mr. Omori, the CEO of iEnt inc., dress up the first draft. I want to take the opportunity to appreciate the two of them. We want to make a leap forward next year. I wish you the best luck with everything.